Black Gold Stronger Together: Early Learning Hub Reporting Guidelines

Email completed narratives and budget forms to: by the required reporting date listed in your grant agreement.

Your narrative report is intended to do 3 things:

1.  Identify any areas where your grant could use extra support.

2.  Helpfully and accurately describe the good in your community that the state's grant money is accomplishing.

3.  Be a transparent monitoring tool to make sure grant activity is proceeding.

If you have any questions, please contact your grant monitor at and they will respond to you or forward your email to the proper Black Gold team member who can help!

 *Narrative Report:

Please include the following information in your narrative report:

  • Black Gold Stronger Together: Early Learning Hub Project Title: 
  • Institution Name:
  • Project Coordinator:
  • Project Coordinator Email:
  • The Project Coordinator has changed since the application was originally submitted. Yes/No


Please submit your narrative using the following outline. Copy and paste the following bullet points into a Word document to answer.


  • Our Black Gold Stronger Together project set out to achieve___(outcome)___ by ___ (key project activities) ___.


  • In doing this work, we feel that we are serving the community by ___ (outcome for community) ___.


  • This goal is important for the community because ___ (community need) ___.


  • So far, some of the wins we’ve seen include ___ (activities, outputs, and outcomes) ___.


  • And we’re even seeing ripple effects like ___ (unanticipated results) ___.


  • Of course, we’ve faced challenges, like ___(obstacles)___. And we seek to address these by ___ (agile turn) ___.


  • Our work isn’t done yet. Our next steps are to ___(plan)___.


  • Again, this is what the project is trying to achieve: ___ (restate outcomes and goals) ___.

 Include the following information in your report:

*Description of Grant Activity

List project activities implemented during the current reporting period – purchases, plans programs, Linda Braun trainings, etc.

 *Is the budget on track to be spent by 2/28/2024?


 *Is the project on track to be completed by 2/28/2024?


Optional Information:

Community Partners

Describe any changes (from application) in the project’s connection to community partners/role of community partners. If you now have a formal agreement with a community partner that you did not submit with your application, please submit it below.

Success Stories

Are there any great stories or anecdotes worth sharing with the Governor and Legislature?

Additional Feedback

Tell us anything that is troubling you with the project that you would like assistance with.

Attach supporting documents.

Please attach photos, publicity, artifacts that tell your story, links, public comments, or any other documents.

*Budget Report Form

Please complete and send theFinancial Report form with your narrative report.